I’m a guy from South Africa.  We have issues.  We love our country and want to fix it.  We don’t know how to talk to each other yet.

I’m a professional software developer and responsible for a custom software development house for the largest systems integrator in Africa.  For that part of me, my passion is helping customers build better software to improve their business.  This is done by people and teams and how they interact.

I’m a hopeful writer.  But I’m not writing much currently. For that part of me, my passion is good books and good writing.

I’m a South African, an African.  I was born here and so were the 5 generations before me.  For that part of me, I’m a little sad and a little hopeful.  My passion in this is that we need unite and get past our differences.  We need to learn to talk and understand.

I’m a father of a beautiful girl and boy.  For that part of me, my passion is not breaking them through my ignorance and ego.

I’ve got many other facets to my self, a husband to a beautiful wife, a son to loving parents, a brother, a friend and still there is more.

How rich and blessed our lives are! What a gift God has given me.